Keep Your Social Media Strategy Focused

By: Courtney Klepsch Image credit: <a href=''>kbuntu / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

I recently started a new job with Bootstrap Incubation, LLC, a venture capitalist firm. As the director of marketing, I will be acting as an in-house marketing consultant for the company’s portfolio, which includes:

  • Perceivant – a big data analytics firm that helps companies correlate, connect and access their company’s data to make actionable decisions to change their businesses;
  • Sequoia Consulting – a business and IT consulting firm serving the life sciences industry;
  • Alternetics – a project-based IT services firm with a focus on CRM;
  • Label Independent – a software company specializing in software development services for life science and business enterprises and
  • Amego – a sales channel for a telecommunications distributor.

In meeting with the CEOs and founders of these companies, I am fascinated by their stories, drive and intelligence. While I’m still processing a lot of the information about the companies, I have quickly learned that while these companies are on their way to great success, social media takes a back seat to their ultimate goal of building the best product or service they can provide to their customers. As an online marketer, I am hopeful I can make an impact on their business using my skill set. I may not know much about molecules, terabytes or the intricacies of telecommunications, but I do know about social media and how it can help grow a business.

I think most marketers know that no matter what type of business you are in, whether it be biotech, retail, customer service, entertainment, government, etc… social media can help strengthen a brand. But, without a clear focus, it’s easy to go down a path that can stray away from your purpose and may even negatively affect your company’s goals.

Follow these steps when creating your social media strategy to stay focused:

Step 1. Define your mission statement for your social media plan. Consider the who, what and the outcome. For example, my mission statement at Digital Darling Media is to help small business owners (WHO) to understand and effectively use online marketing (WHAT) to build their brand (OUTCOME). It is this focus that helps me as I generate online content for my blog and social media posts.

Step 2. Once you have your mission statement crafted, share it with your team. Post it in your office. Post it on your website. Post it on your Facebook page. Basically, make it readily available for all team members to see so there is no confusion on what you are trying to achieve with social media.

Step 3. Use your mission statement as a litmus test. Make sure that all of your posts are aligned with your mission statement and support your ultimate goal. Are you trying to drive sales? Consider the 70-20-10 rule which is applicable for most social media platforms.

Step 4. Create an editorial content calendar with your mission statement in mind. By creating a calendar, you will be more controlled and less frantic about what is to be posted in the future. That said, be sure you and your team are in tune with current events. You may be able to ride a wave (assuming it’s in line with your mission statement!) but even more importantly, if tragedy strikes, it’s always in good taste to adjust or even pause scheduled posts.

By keeping your social media strategy clearly focused, you will be able to not only keep your team on track but also provide your audience with information they need to learn more about your company and the services you offer.

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