Overcome Your Fears: Become an Expert By Building Your Dreams

By: Courtney Klepsch

A couple of months ago, I was sitting at my son’s swim class flipping through a Glamour magazine and a quote caught my eye. Jamie Wong, the CEO and co-founder of vayable.com said, “You don’t become an expert by sidestepping your dream; you do it by building it.”

This quote resonated with me as I had been going back and forth about starting my own business. Every time I would think of an idea, I would think to myself, “Could I really do that?” I kept tabling the thought as I didn’t exactly know my focus.

And then, I had my AHA moment.

I was on a run and had the idea for DigitalDarlingMedia, which is my blog that (will) break(s) down the digital jargon of online marketing and social media for small business owners. As an online content manager for most of my career, I have a passion for helping businesses get on their feet in the online media world. I’ve come to learn that a lot of small business owners, although savvy in what they do, have a hard time managing their online presence. Some of the most common reasons I’ve heard are lack of time, resources and quite frankly, knowledge. I want DigitalDarlingMedia.com to be a place where I can break down the complexities of the online marketing world and share my knowledge in simple terms for small businesses.

After I decided I was going to start building Digital Darling Media for the purpose of writing a blog, I thought that maybe I could add podcasts and/or videos to add to the personality of the site. MAYBE I could become the Digital Darling in the media? Create a broadcasted segment around online marketing for small businesses. Again, I tabled these thoughts and started to talk myself out of it.

And then, I heard a great podcast on overcoming fear.

In this podcast, the moderator interviewed two entrepreneurs, Pat Flynn, founder of Smart Passive Income, and John Lee Dumas, host of the podcast Entrepreneur on Fire. They both overcame their fear of running a business and are now doing something they love. They talked about the importance of having a mentor and staying focused. A couple of key points I took from the podcasts:

1. Don’t hold back just because someone else is already doing what you want to be doing. Consider this to be proof that your idea is relevant and warranted.

2. Reach out to peers you respect in your field and learn from them. Ask questions. Get tips. Stay connected. Pay it forward.

3.  Fight your fears by identifying them straight on and then figuring out a plan to get over those fears. Overcoming fears usually leads to great success.

As an entrepreneur, what fears have you overcome and how did you build your dreams? Listen to the podcast for inspiration on overcoming your fears.

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