Re-Purpose Content to Drive Marketing Efforts

Re-Purpose Content to Driving Marketing Efforts

Re-Purpose Content to Driving Marketing Efforts

Do you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to properly market your product or service? Do you find it hard to justify the time it takes to manage social media? Are you struggling to nail down ideas for an email marketing campaign? In this issue of the Digital Darling Download, I’ll give you ideas on how to re-purpose your content to drive your marketing efforts.

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Optimize Your SEO Strategy

By Courtney Klepsch

I recently attended a forum on search engine optimization. The breakfast meeting featured five leading digital strategists in the San Diego area and the focus was on how search engine optimization has changed over the years. It had been a while since I had devoted any time to search engine optimization, so I was looking forward to learning more and increasing my knowledge base. Continue reading

Ideas & Inspiration for Social Media Posts

By Courtney Klepsch

Ideas for Social Media PostsYou have your social media accounts set up and ready to go. So now what to post? Sharing information about your company’s products and services is a great place to start. But, if you want to keep your audience engaged, you’ll need to cut through the clutter and showcase your company’s personality and expertise.

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What the #Hashtag?! Using Hashtags to Increase Your Fan Base & Strengthen Your Brand

By Courtney Klepsch

The # symbol has come a long way. The ‘Shift + 3′ symbol on the keyboard is now one of the most frequently used social media shortcuts, tactics, annoyances — however you want to look at it –- and it’s made its mark. So, what exactly is # used for in social media? Let’s start with what it is not-so-much used for in social media: Continue reading

Social Media Platforms for Small Businesses

By: Courtney Klepsch

Are you a small business owner who wants to get started on social media but not sure where to start? With so many social outlets available, it can be overwhelming but the fact of the matter is your business should be represented online. The following information will help you decide what social media outlets are best suited for your company. Continue reading